3 Tips to Better Budget for Event Decor

May 3, 2017

You are likely new to this whole ‘event decor’ thing and the prices may have you a bit flustered. Don’t worry. We totally get it. We don’t sell airline tickets or play in a big name rock band so when someone quotes us for those things, we’re perplexed too!

Let’s talk about the big bad ‘B’ word… BUDGET.

Your event has one, whether you know it or not. We always ask for a budget but often get a “well, what’s reasonable?” in return. The answer, my dear friends, lies in what you can afford to spend and truly in what you want. Telling us you want over the top on a beer budget? It’s not going to work out like you hoped.

So, here’s our top 3 tips to creating a better budget for your event decor:

1. Market Price
Ever been to a beautiful seafood restaurant and you’re just craving lobster and next to it it reads “market price” well the same rule applies here. Chairs, linens, chargers and even floral pricing will change from one market to another. So, if you’re celebrating in Toronto but from Hawaii, you better brush up on OUR market price. Likewise, if you’re from Toronto and have never planned an event, best to ask around first!

2. Taxes, Gratuities, Deliveries & Breakage Fees
Confused? In Ontario you’ll definitely be adding a minimum of 13% on top of everything for HST (Harmonized Sales Tax). Gratuity? If it’s not included and your vendor goes above and beyond, you really should tip. It’s a service industry afterall! Deliveries? You’ll likely have plenty of those. Expect additional fees for late nights and holidays. And finally Breakage Fees, the most controversial, by far but if you break it — you’ve definitely bought it. Damage Deposits are pretty common place and if your guests steals the glassware, breaks an urn or burns a table cloth, you as the event host will be shelling out for it.

3. Labour
Never underestimate labour. Love those tall crystal candlesticks that come one to a box, gloriously handwrapped in bubble wrap and all individual? Someone has to lovingly unwrap and clean them… all 300+ on the day of your event and again when they go back in those boxes. Sure, the item may not be an expensive rental persay but the person who’s putting it together lovingly for you = priceless and pricey. Never underestimate the importance of the people who put your decor vision into reality.

When it comes to budget, most people panic — don’t! With some pre-planning, advice from professionals like DT Floral & Decor and some creativity we can bring you on budget and excited for your fabulous event decor.