5 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Event Design

May 3, 2017

We, at DT, love a great celebration complete with over the top florals, creative design, luxury linens, fabulous accessories and unique rentals. We just live for it. To make the most of your event or wedding, there are 5 mistakes we see happen all to often that you want to avoid in designing your event:

1) Lighting
You can have the most beautiful event design in the world (courtesy of us, of course!) but if you choose not to light it well — it can fall flat of fabulous. Lighting is key for ambience of your event. It sets a mood, highlights a gorgeous design and key elements (like a podium, cake or even performers) and truly adds wow-factor to your celebration. Do not underestimate this powerful punch of event design.

2) Out of Season Florals
Flowers, my friends, have seasons. Mother Nature, while amazing, grants Canada a whole lot of snow and most blooms don’t enjoy living here in the cold. That means that we import all the time for weddings and events. Choosing out of season florals easily means a budget increase across the board — those blooms have to touch many, many hands and fly from the earths farthest reaches to celebrate with you. Choosing seasonal florals available will not only help costs but often leads to more spectacular blooms.

3) Clear Budget
This one is the number one issue for everyone planning an event. They just don’t know what it costs. If you don’t work in “the biz” you likely have no idea what that beautiful centrepiece you saw in a magazine runs for. Our job is part education about why things cost what they do and creative solutions around building you a design that wows with your budget in mind. A clear budget can set the tone and let designers create freely with what they have been given to spend.

4) Timing is EVERYTHING
Those spectacular designs you love so much from our team can take hundreds of man hours just to create. There are literally dozens of people working behind the scenes to design, create, assemble and ultimately make your wedding or event design dreams a serious reality. When you only budget a small amount of time for setup/teardown or room flips, you are likely underestimating. Please, always ask your designer!

5) It’s only YOUR Event
Every event for us is spectacular, unique and special. At DT we don’t treat any of our clients as just a number and we strive to provide over the top customer service on ever level. Your event isn’t just your event… it’s ours too! And we, right alongside you, want to ensure it is the very best it can possibly be. Don’t discount your vendor partnerships — we want this event moment to be as spectacular (or even MORE spectacular) than you do. Work with us as collaborative partners and this will be amazing.
Creating an event is all about having each of the pieces work closely together to design, create and celebrate in magnificent style. Don’t fall prey to the top 5 event design mistakes — now you know better!