50th Birthday Decor at Shangri La Toronto- Flowers and Mirrors, Oh My!

May 3, 2017

We are so fortunate to have clients that trust us to make their special day beautiful and we were so thrilled to be able to produce and design a 50th birthday dinner at the Shangri La Toronto. The size of the room allowed us to bring in mirror dinner tables and gold trimmed cartier chairs for all the guest. The tables and chairs produced an elegant feeling, which certainly matched the table top decor. We paired the mirror tables and cartier chairs with gold cultlery and beautiful gold charger plates, that gave the decor an extra pop. Our team of designers created table long florals that hung down to the floor filled with hydrangea, orange and pink roses with a touch of greenery. We then added lots of candles to ensure the dinner stays intimate and warm. We are so happy with the way this event turned out.

Photos By: Aluen Navarro-Fenoy