A Winter Wonderland Bat Mitzvah

July 25, 2017

The winter season is a beautiful time of year. Despite its cold temperatures, there is nothing like it than gleaming snow on the ground and on top of the trees, intricate icicles, and one-of-a-kind snowflakes falling from the skies. With such natural beauty, winter is a popular theme for an event.

When our DT Floral & Décor team was approached to design a special Bat Mitzvah party, we were thrilled as the theme was none other than Winter Wonderland! For our special Bat Mitzvah girl Lauren, we transformed the Warehouse Event Venue into a stunning Wintertime paradise, with white and silver as the key colours and accents for the entire room.

The entire event space of the Warehouse was covered in white drapery and portable white walls, with white lighting and snowflakes projected onto the surfaces. The tables were dressed up with white and silver sparkled linen and crisp white and silver place settings. The florals were constructed from white, cream, and gray flowers and were displayed in frosted white vases. The seating was complete with round-back ghost chairs, which imitated the look of ice.

In addition to this, other special event décor details were incorporated into this event. One of the signature elements was the ice bar – completely constructed from ice and included Lauren’s monogram and snowflakes. The finishing touches were large snowballs and snowflakes hanging from the ceiling. This was certainly a Winter Wonderland!