Bar & Bat Mitzvah Decor Theme Ideas, DT Styles!

May 3, 2017

A Mitzvah is one of the most important events in a child’s life. Not only does he/she look forward to it for years earlier, but most have often already mulled over a hundred ideas as to how they would like their bar Mitzvah to be.

When it comes to arranging a Mitzvah for your child, you should realize how important it is to go with a Bar or Bat Mitzvah decor theme that is based on your child’s likes and dislikes.It could be one of his favorite movies, his favorite sports theme, some aspiration or anything that they really love. Themes are the essence of a bar Mitzvah because they can make your child’s Mitzvah either a wonderful memory or an event they would very much like to brush at the back of their minds.


A very popular theme is a Sports Bar Mitzvah Theme. Most children love a sport basketball, volleyball, hockey, baseball or dance. When we decorate along a sports theme, we put a lot of emphasis on props to bring out the true colors.

For a Basketball Theme bar Mitzvahs we put basketballs on the walls, and added a backdrop in the colors of basketball itself like black and white. The tables and chairs were also set according to the color theme!

Another great idea for a sports theme is a Hockey Theme. Our idea here was to add lamps that had photos of popular hockey teams’ logos, along with a scorecard! It was great, and the kids loved it.


If you’re looking for a unique experience, something that can really catch attention is the Underwater Theme. In this case we decorated the place so extravagantly to give the feeling of an underwater experience!

We added some light blue lighting, white tables and chairs and a backdrop that gave the illusion of waves. We added tiny air balls from the ceiling, almost like water bubbles that DEFINITELY stood out!


Another awesome idea is a Hollywood Theme where the tables are set glamorously like in an awards ceremony and a clapperboard is placed on the table with the child’s name or such details.


In this case we set a Disco Theme which was very creative! We used discs for mats, cassettes placed on tables and brightly colored tables and chairs to compliment the themes. The lamp placed in the center of each table had a lampshade with graffiti that went perfectly with the decor.


The Modern Mitzvah decor theme is gaining popularitiy quickly. It’s very elegant, sleek, and modern. It definitely makes a statement of class and elegance and sheer beauty. Topped off with some fun music and this event is something that they’ll literally never forget!


These themes are often the most fun to execute because they literally scream Party! It’s all about bringing in the right elements to make it into a wonderland style experience. It’s awesome and sleek and always a ton of fun. Party Theme Mitzvahs have always been a huge hit and offer a great deal of details.


Last but not least is what I like to call the Manroe theme! This one is about beauty, elegance, and complete funkiness! This theme definitely stands out and brings a lot of attention to the center pieces. For this theme there are often photo booths and other props that the kids can use to enhance their overall Mitzvah experience.

You can choose any theme you like, there are many themes that have never been done before. The key is to throw a memorable Mitzvah so plan likewise!

Sometimes we need to stop thinking like an adult and put ourselves into our children’s minds to decide a theme that he or she and his friends would love! If you need some insight about Bar Bat Mitzvah Decor Ideas that can actually work, we can definitely help you out!