Common Myths about wedding décor Debunked

August 25, 2017

Marriage is a symbol of hope, love, devotion, sacrifice, and the future, and getting married is one of the ultimate rites of passage that brings along a host of expectations. The day of your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life, so, of course, you wouldn’t want to fall prey to potentially detrimental myths and misconceptions, especially those that are hardly true. Here are the 3 most common myths about wedding decoration debunked:

1.    Planning the Decoration Process Is All Fun and Games

If you are an organized person, you are you sure to assume the planning process will be a breeze because you have a clear idea of what you want. Although good organizational skills will help you a lot, they still won’t make the process all fun and easy. Keeping track of the budget and not giving into temptation is hard, on top of all the dealings, running around and bargaining. A good way to avoid all this stress and hassle is hiring a well-known wedding décor service that will take care of the entire process while you can relax and enjoy the pre-wedding thrill.

2.    Wedding Decorators take Full Control and Change the Bride’s Vision

A majority of brides have their weddings planned in their heads way before their actual wedding day. In this case, of course, you wouldn’t want someone else telling you the color of the flowers you should have or how your backdrop should look, right? Wedding décor experts are perfectly aware of this and therefore work closely with the bride in order to accomplish exactly what she wants on her big day.

They will surely make certain tweaks here and there, and definitely, advise you about how you can decorate the wedding even better, but hardly any wedding decorator changes the bride’s vision entirely. Furthermore, these experts can also help clueless brides by building upon her wishes and creating the ideal decoration plan that also falls within her budget. So if you are hesitant about hiring a wedding decoration service, now you know better. You will not have to cede control to the decorator, that’s for sure.

3.    Hiring Creative Friends Is the Same as Hiring Professionals

Just because your friend has a beautiful Instagram or can make excellent DIY stuff, does not mean you can trust him/her with your wedding decorations. Only an experienced decorator will know the best wedding flowers decoration and wedding table décor that goes perfectly with your wedding theme. The same goes for other items, such as the backdrop, space management, and lighting.

If you are relying on your friends because money is a concern, you just need to be open and honest about it with your wedding decorator. There are a number of experts willing to offer services that are compliant with your budget. You can even go for lower budget professionals with similar styles if you really cannot afford a high-end pro.

So, now that these wedding decoration myths have been debunked, you can make informed decisions about your big day.