DT Floral & Decor executes 21 flawless unique events in 2 weeks!

May 3, 2017

If you did a double-take reading that title, then yes… that actually happened! In 2 weeks, DT Floral & Decor catered for 6210 guests and hosted 21 events; 7 Mitzvahs, 3 Corporate events, 3 Fundraisers, 2 Engagement parties, 6 Weddings! And guess what? Each event went flawless, without a single glitch!

It is an admirable feat to manage these completely different events with such efficiency. Bar Mitzvahs have a completely different audience so the decor has to have a theme that is both fun and innovative, similarly weddings have to be lavish and fairy-tale like. Corporate event and fundraiser decor has to be perfect to tiniest details, oozing with elegance. Read on to see just how perfect every event went!

Nov 2015 Corporate Decor

As is apparent from the number of tables, the guest list was huge. It was perfectly organized with elegant white table and chairs. The lighting was kept intentionally low to focus on the stage, however, there were beautiful lamps and glow lights set on each table to make sure everyone was comfortable.

The stage organized for the performers was perfectly lighted with tiny red and white lights. The vynl decor floor before the stage was so sleek and shiny that it reflected all the light, giving the room an extraordinary beautiful look and a mirage of being made of glass. Corporate event decor is one of our specialties.

Nov 2015 Wedding Decors

Peach Beautiful Theme: The Toronto wedding decor theme was a perfect blend of traditional white, peach and yellow. To imagine these colors working together seems difficult, but how effortlessly they blended together! White crockery and white chairs were as perfect match for the peach tablecloth as the couple must have been for each other. The peach and off-white roses set up along the table, mixed with white flowers in the tall vases and the little lights placed all around gave the room the perfect combination of love and serenity.

Modern Wedding Theme: The theme for this wedding decor was traditional white and it was not run of the mill decor. A completely creative spin giving it a feeling like someone important and stylish walked through it. The white satin everywhere, lighted candles in sets of three sets along the way and exquisite chandeliers, it could not what better than this. This was literally a heavenly wedding!

The entrance looked beautiful with the white pillars, fountains and courtly sofas. It was beautifully lit with glowing trees, and the fountain was throwing off soft shadows because of the lights placed inside. On top of the wall had been cleverly lit up with white lights on a black backdrop and bluish panels in between resembling a starry sky with clouds

Black & Gold Theme: The black table cloth with golden crockery, perfected with floral gold chairs would make anyone feel like royalty. It’s easy to marvel at the beautiful gold lamps placed on the table, matching everything down to the last flower set on the table. Very creatively, pink and white flowers had been placed in tiny holders around the lamps, adding a bit of color to the decor.

Nov 2015 Christmas Tree Decors

The Christmas trees designs this year were beautiful and unique. The goal was to think completely outside the box and arrnage things to look like they are out of a Disney movie. Ornaments and Christmas balls so elaborately hung all over.

For a more elegant look, dried white twigs had been set beside the tree, strewn delicately with fairy-lights. This, coupled with the white sheet it was set upon, made it seem like the perfect snowy Christmas we dream of!

Nov 2015 Bar & Bat Mitzvah Tree Decor

Basket Ball Mitzvah Theme: One of our creative pieces a basketball Bar Mitzvah decor theme! From the tables and chairs, to the vases and lamps, everything brought one word to your mind; basketball. It was so accurately delivered by making the vases of the color and print as a basketball, black and white was cleverly utilized by making it the backdrop and sticking basketball figures on it. Even the chandelier hung on the ceilings were shaped like basketballs! The tables had elaborately arranged black stands with beautifully clumped bunches of white flowers. If anything could go along perfectly, then this decor was it!

Elegant Mitzvah Theme: This was the perfect combination of serenity and elegance. White roses had been employed without a cliche in this Mitzvah decor. The bar was a treat with the white theme, blue lights dancing like waves on the wall and glass spheres hanging on the wall like pearls floating on these waves. The lighted candles had been just the nudge needed to add a bit more depth.

Nov 2015 Fundraiser Flowers

This was the most outstanding way to mix black with bright colors. This fundraiser event decor was both professional yet not gravely somber. Black tables alternated with gray ones, each with a black vase bursting with life with the bright pink and yellow flowers placed inside.

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