Five Creative and Fun Event Themes

May 3, 2017

We at DT Floral and Décor love to get creative. When prospective and current clients come and seek a consultation asking whether we can carry their ideas to fruition, we just can’t say no…we love to create unique ideas and love to make our clients happy. We have created countless of event theme from Breakfast at Tiffany’s to Yacht Week. Below, we are showcasing some of our favourite events from these past couple of months.

1.       Whimsical Neverland

2.       Moroccan Getaway

3.       Winter Wonderland

4.       Hockey Fantasy

5.       Country Western

We were so excited when we were asked to create the floral and décor for Trisha’s 1st Birthday Affair with Shiromi V at Chateau Le Parc, Vaughan. With a little under a month to plan, our team got right to work to create Peter Pan’s Whimsical Neverland. The room was transformed completely- greenery and wood accents covered the room with touches of lilacs, pinks and yellows. We had everything from Cirque performers, enchanted backdrops, and a live performance from Peter Pan himself. The food prepared by Chef Ramanaa and his team left a lasting impression on every guest. Take a look at some of our pictures!

The following Moroccan Getaway theme concept was brought to us by Shanidy Goldstein. An Experiencal Gala in support of Aish Torah Toronto. We transformed The Terrace venue into this beautiful getaway. We create market stations that showcased different food options (pretzels, wines, falafels etc). We hung floral umbrellas from the ceiling and a variety of different mix-and-match centerpieces. A classic theme with a little twist.

When Fab Fete Planning approached us with this beautiful Winter Wonderland theme, we just had to be a part of it. The event took place at The Warehouse in Toronto, where we transformed the venue 360 degrees. Not a thought was missed, we had light up centerpieces, an ice sculpture candle-lighting service, hanging snowflakes and florals galore. We felt like we were taken to a different world. We had so much fun working on this beautiful Bat Mitzvah!

Being Canadian, we have to love hockey, right? When DT was approached by Heidi Gruenspan to create a Hockey Theme Bar Mitzvah our brain’s started working non-stop. Copper Creek was transformed into every hockey (Toronto Maple Leafs) fans dream. The Mitzvah boy road in in a custom made Zamboni, guests witnessed a 15 minute firework show and we created custom centerpieces that included hockey pucks, hockey sticks and mini Stanley cups! What a beautiful sport Mitzvah that was!!

Howdy!! Let’s get down to our last theme that we had a pleasure working on. We created a Country Western theme for one of the Deloitte Toronto branches 2016 Holiday party. We had such a blast working with this incredible team putting on this super fun and exciting event. From country fair games, and Marquette letters, to even a custom dance floor with edision bulbs. We brought out all of our props; a faux deer head, wagon wheels, mason jars, and wine barrels. It felt like we were at a country fair!

There you have it. Some of our super creative and fun theme ideas we have had the pleasure of working on! We had so much fun creating these events and we could not have done it with all of our DT team and everyone else involved. Hope you enjoy these photos and theme ideas because we sure did.