How To Build a Memorable Event Using Decor

May 3, 2017

Sure, you can have a party without decor. But, why would you want to?

Decor sets the stage for any celebration. It visually cues your guests about what you’re celebrating as well as who the participants are and/or aspire to be. Decor, my friends, is you — on the walls, tables and floor.

Ways to build a memorable event using decor:

– come up with a maximum of 1-3 focal points during the event to truly highlight with decor (we suggest an entrance, VIP guest table and stage if speeches)
– consider the event flow when determining floorplans (can you easily walk through the event, how will guests experience things like finding a washroom or coatcheck)

– who/what is this party all about (be as authentic to this person as possible)
– go boldly into the theme (if you’re going to do something – go all in!)

– nature is bountiful and your event should be too (if you can’t afford to do everything — focus on key items)
– multiples always work well for design (3, 5, 7)

– highlight your key elements
– add drama to the event with moving lights, monograms, changing colours, etc

How will you be using decor to build a beautiful event?