Selecting Your Wedding Decor Colors 2016

May 3, 2017

Your wedding is the highlight in your life’s newspaper! It stays with you forever. One of the best ways to set the tone of a wedding is the decor and colors. To decide shades for your Toronto wedding decor, you need to consider both a primary color and secondary color.

Your Primary Shade can be white, blue, pink, lavender, red, silver, gold, black. There are also a large range of tones around blue, peach, yellow and pink which you can pick as your perfect Primary shades as well. Your Secondary Shade needs to compliment the primary so most often is just white or black. Trendy shades are important!

For 2016, we have a few clear winners!

The most requested colors for a luxury themed weddings is gold and black. For a classical themed weddings, customers have asked for shades of lavender and white. Couples who are headed for a soft-themed wedding opt for different shades of peach and white. Whereas, for bright shades, white and pink have been in demand.

Bright Wedding Colors

Bright shades are not unusual colors for wedding dresses. Using vibrant shades enhances the overall vibe on your perfect wedding day. It is good if you want bright shades because they are super unique and memorable. You can use a nice touch of vibrant colors in other things such as flowers and decoration to accessorize your own dress. It’ll make your photos look beautiful.

If you use flowers to enhance the colors for your wedding decorations, it will add a tropical look to your wedding day. Or you could use bright colors along with crystals like here. Pinks, greens, crystals in a beautiful combination:

Bright colors used around are reflected in crystals and make things look very fancy and bold.

Luxury Wedding Colors

Everyone loves luxury and lux modern wedding colors are becoming more visible during the events. If you opt for a more modern look for your wedding to make things look fancy in a contemporary context, you can also create that vibe with a slight touch of subtle shades here and flashy ones there. You don’t have to go off the board with colors, you can use simple shades like black and gold or gold and white to make it look luxurious and beautiful.

You can see how the touch of golden has increased the subtlety of environment by enhancing the romantic vibe. Candles are a great way to touch the shade of gold and add glow to your luxury themed wedding.

Soft Wedding Colors

In case you want your wedding to look more elegant, then you can shade softer shades such as peach to lighten up the mood. Candles are keep things looking hazy and sophisticated on your wedding day. A nice jazz music band will complete the soft wedding look for this beautiful elegant 2016 wedding.

Notice how the combination of peach roses, candles and lacy mats come together to give a soft elegant vibe.

Classic Wedding Colors

If you want your wedding to look classical and traditional, a white wedding decor theme is the perfect way to go. Even in 2016, classical weddings have managed to keep their glamour!

Classical White weddings will never go out of fashion.

There are many ways to make your wedding day look beautiful and we do our best to help you stay in trend! We’re the best at Toronto wedding decor and we can help you pick the theme you want and provide our services to decorate it as well.

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