Top 10 Innovative & Elegant Decor Ideas 2016

May 3, 2017

In order to have a successful event, it is important to have an attractive décor that shows off your taste. There are many different styles that you can opt for in 2017 for your wedding, engagement, corporate events. Following are some of the many high-end innovative décors ideas which you can easily get at DT Florals and Decors.

1. Conveyor Belt

This one is a simplistic design which goes along well with those who want ultra-modern design for a corporate event. The conveyor belt design makes it perfect to include colorful food like donuts, drinks and other refreshment for your guests. What makes Conveyor Belt unique is it gives your guests a way to try lots of great appetizers or delicious things, makes for a fun conversation – so it will instantly cheer up your guests.

2. Lit Furniture

Lit furniture, especially makes its way for night events that feature bar and bat Mitzvah for guests. If you are celebrating a remarkable event or throwing a corporate party, lit furniture makes it super cool and adds a touch of elegance to it. It gives people a place to sit and can be lit to have your corporate colors … very fancy!

3. Pigeons

Believe it or not, pigeons have become a popular décor characteristic lately. Pigeons are symbolic representation of peace and freedom which is a quick way to set a light tone for your guests without missing a beat. The white set will also make your event look classy and glamorous.

4. Station Carts

Another thing that has made its way into successful events is the addition of playful carts that have simple treats like candy, sushi and other foods. Adding colorful carts to your event is a simple way to have modern event décor for 2017.

5. Fancy Floral Arrangements

Fancy floral arrangements are the perfect way to spice up your wedding or engagement events. It takes 42 flowers to create one fancy floral arrangement which will make the whole event look especially unique and remarkably beautiful.

6. Decorative Food Carvings

Now, you can play around with food and add it for decorative purposes as well. Carved foods like apples, cucumbers and many different fruits and vegetables can be used to add charm to your event. You can have your brand name carved into fruits which will make your corporate event a definite success among your guests for sure.

7. Digital Experiences

If you are looking for a hit event décor in 2017, there is no better way than to use digital experience. By using 3D Oculus head gear, you can deliver to your guests more than you think. For your business events, you can impress your clients with this new set-up for interior decoration.

8. Paper Flowers

Origami is an art that never goes out of fashion. With paper flowers spread all across your event on walls, tables and other areas, you can make your event look highly elegant as well as add a pinch of nostalgia which is especially nice for wedding events.

9. Acrobatics

Hire a team of acrobats to show off their skills at your event and impress your guests in no time. As your guests indulge in their food and drinks, they will also be entertained constantly and enjoy the artistic experience through this unique gymnastic representation.

10. Custom Arrangements

DT Floral and Décor is a place where you will find the most modern and cool ideas for various occasions that will leave your guests impressed and in awe of your arrangements. There are many Toronto décor ideas with unique touch to them, which you can get for your events in 2017.