Toronto Bar Mitzvah – Paramount Event Venue

May 3, 2017

Bar Mitzvah Underwater Theme, what a beautiful adventure!

    Event: Ben’s Bar Mitzvah

    Planner: Heidi Gruenspan

    Catering: Zuchter Berk

    Decor: DT Floral & Decor (Toronto’s Best Bar Mitzvah Decor)

The beauty begins with the tables – elegantly decorated with a sea-blue wavy table cloth and beautiful centerpieces. Half of the tables had a beautiful abstract decoration piece with sea shells hanging from it and the other had vases filled with beautiful sea shells. A beautifulheart of the sea’ vibe!

First half of the tables:

Second half of the tables:

Half of the tables had a fish bowl as the center piece with white shells placed inside to match the color schemes. It gave an impression of an elaborate snow globe with the sea shells shining through the water lined sphere balls. It was the perfect blend of exquisiteness and ethereal beauty.

Soft yellow ochre lights fell on the table from the tiny candles burning brightly on the candle stand. The candle holders had ingeniously been crafted to look like they were covered with white seaweed, and the soft glow of the candles seemed as though pearls were shining through.

The intertwined wires with the seaweed candle stands are the perfect alternative to a bouquet of flower, it is so unique and much more flattering! It had silver wires daintily intertwined, placed in a solution with a violet hue.  Tiny glass spheres hung from it, containing seashells, glistening like a Christmas tree newly decorated with crystal ornaments. They seem to bounce the lights off in different directions, like tiny stars glistening in the dark

If you ever wondered what the roof of the sea would look like, this decor answers your questions beyond imagination. The blue crystals that hung from the roof, glowed sky blue because of the lights, giving the appearance of water droplets falling from above. This makes the Bar Mitzvah Underwater theme seem more realistic.

Just how meticulously this Bar Mitzvah Theme Decor had been planned could be seen from the level of details that had been painstakingly taken care of. There were light blue images projected on the walls like seaweeds lining the margins of the sea bed. I had been so enraptured with the whole setup that I found the screens with Bar Mitzvah greeting a welcome addition, making me remember that this was not an underwater dream!

Food tables had been so extravagantly decorated, that one look at them made me make a mental note to throw my next party according to Toronto Bar Mitzvah Themes. They had wooden boxes exquisitely draped in white flowers, neatly arranged side to side, and white goldfish stuck in the corners just added the final touches of perfection. They had cleverly placed empty round bottomed glasses on top of these flowers as though they were crystal levels.

The flame of the burning candles placed inside such glasses added the mirage of goldfish swimming around, which further augmented the feelings of being underwater rather than this simply being Bar Mitzvah Theme Decor.