Toronto Wedding Chuppah

May 3, 2017

The word, “Chuppah” derives from Hebrew and is pronounced, “Huppa”; literally it means covering or protection and is intended as a roof or canopy beneath which Jewish marriage ceremonies are performed.

The Chuppah represents much more than just a folk custom, it has a definite legal purpose: it is the decisive act that formally permits the couples new status of marriage to be actualized.

Chuppah represents the grooms home & the brides new domain. More specifically the Chuppah symbolizes the bridal chamber, where the marital act was consummated in ancient times.

Now lets get talking about décor! A Chuppah can take on many different styles, traditionally a simple piece of tapestry attached to the top of four poles would suffice but at DT Floral & Décor we like to take on many different interpretations, over the years we have had the pleasure of creating some unique & interesting Chuppahs… check out some of our designs below!

1. Indoor fancy Chuppah.

Guests at this event were absolutely stunned by our design!

2. Stunning White Wedding Chuppah in Toronto.

3. Chuppah with a Top Flower Arrangement.

4. Summer Freshness Chuppah

5. Outside Green & Modern Chuppah.

6. Sweet Night Chuppah.

7. Natural Chuppah.

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