Toronto Wedding Decor Ideas With Crystals

May 3, 2017

Modern weddings stand out because they are sleek, professional, glamorous yet elegant, and have a touch of sophistication. It’s no surprise to learn that crystals are often at the center of these weddings and are highly popular in wedding decor in general. They’re used to accent the floral centerpieces, in the aisles at the wedding ceremony, and often as added decorations throughout the venues.

Below we’ll go over some of the common beautiful ways to have crystals at the center of your Toronto wedding decor event!

1. Crystal Candle Holder Accents

While crystals may be utilized in several ways throughout the wedding, we particularly love their use with the combination of candles. In this case, the candle holders are crystal and filled with water with flowers floating inside.

On top of the water layer the candles had been placed in these holders and as the soft flickering flame shone through the crystal holders, they spread the soft light widely. The base at the center of the table, in which these holders had been placed, too, was made of crystal as was the vase in the center. It’s easy to see that the overall look matches perfectly and everything glistened brightly, imparting a divine feel to the place.

2. Unique Crystal Centerpieces

In another wedding, our wedding decor team placed tall crystal centers on each table (similar to a chandelier). The top of it had a whorl of flowers decorating it with tiny crystal beads dangling the top. Again, they had used candles to throw a soft light around as they sat in the four corners of the base of this center piece.

This exquisite and extravagantly decorated crystal combination gave off a soft yellow lighting. Surrounding the bouquet were candle holders and the candle light along with the soft lighting made the perfect combination of serenity and beauty. The stalk of the centerpiece was crystal twirled around and as the light reflected at various angles through it, no other decoration could have looked prettier.

3. Crystal Wedding Accent Decorations

We often also get creative by adding small accents and simple objects like wedding candle holders and the stalk part of this was crystallized in the form of a tear drop with the hollow in the center occupied by tiny crystal beads like an earring. In another wedding we used a small crystal ball and filled it with beautiful lilac colored flowers.

Beneath these we often use a mirror plate to accent the crystals and crystal holders. Even in its simplicity, the effect is absolutely beautiful!

4. Crystal Decor Vases & Crystal Stands

We’ve also done other events that accented crystal vases and stand to hold the vases. It’s a beautiful combination and makes it look absolutely rich!

When we first saw how artfully crystals could be used, we were smiling at how much they change the ambience of an event completely. They absolutely help your event and the venue glisten and glow!

Whether your wedding is round the corner or it is your friend’s or some coworker, make sure you let the idea about crystal weddings be known when it comes to deciding on the wedding decor. Add a touch of elegance and buckets of beauty to the special day through these crystals, you won’t regret it!