Décor Elements

The Beautiful Ombre Affair

This wedding can be described as the following – a pure showstopper! Our clients Elana and Lowell were married at the Westin Prince and as promised to them and their families, our DT Floral & Décor team delivered never-seen-before décor for this special day. With Ombre being a hot trend, we used that as [...]

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Stunning Succulents

Succulents are the latest décor craze for events and at DT Floral & Décor, we have fully embraced this unique floral trend with open arms. The former favourite desk plant has entered the wedding and event space, adding unique look and texture to florals. This type of plant can be a front-runner in any event [...]

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The Bouquet – A Bride’s Preference

One of the most important décor elements of a wedding is the bride’s bouquet. At DT Floral & Décor, we understand that this is a special symbol for the bride, as it is a huge part of her walk down the aisle to her groom. At times, we use the bride’s preference of bouquet to [...]

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