Tiffany and William Wedding

On a beautiful summer’s day, Tiffany and William were married at Toronto’s popular downtown venue Palais Royale – a gorgeous venue on the edge of the city’s waterfront. The couple exchanged their vows outside on the venue’s covered patio, under a spectacular arch of cherry blossoms, with the calm waters in the background. The wedding’s [...]

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Sarah and Seth Wedding

DT Wedding Spotlight – Sarah and Seth Green, glorious green! This is one thing that comes to mind when our DT Floral & Décor Team looks back on Sarah and Seth’s wedding day. With green as the primary colour selected for this special day, we embraced it and designed décor that truly spoke to the [...]

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DT Wedding Spotlight – Jennifer and Andreas

On a mid-July Saturday, Jennifer and Andreas were married at Toronto’s trendy Thompson Hotel. To mark this milestone in their lives, this couple wanted to outfit their wedding in unique, never-been-seen décor elements and trends. Our team at DT Floral and Décor were delighted with this challenge and immediately went to work to design a [...]

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DT Wedding Spotlight – Alex and Mario

From the moment that you walked into the Universal Event Space for Alex and Mario’s wedding, your obvious reaction would have been WOW! Our team from DT Floral and Décor designed a jaw-dropping, opulent white and gold wedding for this amazing couple, with no details missing from its incredible décor. For the ceremony, the aisle [...]

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DT Wedding Spotlight – Samara and Eli

In a classical palette of white at Vaughan’s idyllic Bellvue Manor, Samara and Eli exchanged vows and became husband and wife on a beautiful June summer day. To bring some of the latest wedding décor trends to life in a traditional design, our DT Floral and Décor team did this beautifully throughout the event. To [...]

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DT Wedding Spotlight – Kylie and Jonathan

At Toronto’s Warehouse Event Venue, Kylie and Jonathan were married and celebrated with their families and friends, in a completely open concept space that was completed customized and designed by DT Floral and Décor. With the Warehouse being an event décor company’s dream with the large capacity and completely blank spaces, our DT Floral and [...]

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